Friday, June 4, 2010

And we keep rolling rolling rolling on

Jude has been very cranky with Mike all day today. When Mike would call me at work, I would hear Jude screaming in the background. Hours and hours of a cranky baby will wear on everyone's nerves, I don't care who you are. Luckily Emily got out of school at noon today, and was very willing to play with her brother for awhile. She brought her friend Madison home, and they entertained and held Jude for awhile. By the time I got home Mike was more relaxed, and Jude seemed to be in a pretty good mood too. I am fairly certain that Jude is either teething again, or the new medication is creating some issues.

Jude had two very strong seizures with me today, and they broke my heart. They are so violent that Jude cries out like he is desperate for someone to help him. I clutch his hand ignoring the pain from his hard grasp, and console him with my voice. Luckily the seizures only last a few minutes, but they scare me. We are still going to talk to the neurologist about intervention medication in case it's needed. The good news is that I was able to get Jude to eat a quarter jar of baby food tonight, and he really enjoyed it. He is also took a quick nap tonight, and is more calm. I mentioned that when Jude is two years old he will have another full evaluation, and at that time we will know if any surgery can be done to prevent his seizures.

My future goal is to get Jude to start eating solids while he is sitting in his tomato chair. Currently I hold Jude when he is eating solids, which I have been told is a big "no no". My take on the matter is... that he is actually eating from a spoon, and therefore I could care less where he is completing that task. I will however work on this happening from the appropriate sitting position before I get sent to the principals office. Jude currently only eats a few bites of solids, but anything is progression in my eyes. I know that G button is looming around the corner, but currently our swords are still drawn against surgery. I know this surgery has helped so many of our friends, but I worry so much about putting Jude under anesthesia.

On another note, Emily's last day of elementary school was today. She shed many tears, and hugged many teachers she has grown up with. Teachers provide such warmth and compassion to our kids in addition to their educational abilities. Now Em will conquer a new school, and fight to get them to back her charity like her elementary school did. Luckily the principal knows Emily, and is a wonderful man. I am amazed my little girl with the curly q's has grown up so fast, and I am just thrilled she is such a beautiful, compassionate, lovely young lady.

I am off to administer his nightly Depakote, felbatol, and melatonin. I hate the idea of daily medications, but I am very grateful they help control Jude's issues.

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Candace said...

I know how you feel about the meds. Right now Faith is on 9 presc. meds! I feel like all we do every day is admin. meds! LOL! We are trying to get her off the prevacid for the last 6 months, and the doc says next month she is planning to take her off totally! YEAH for one less medicine!