Wednesday, June 23, 2010


After finally having a few restful nights, last night was horrible. Jude woke up about 4am screaming. It was strange because he never opened his eyes, he would just scream, and arch his back as far as he could. I hate when he contorts his body, because it looks like he could break his neck because of how violent he becomes. I literally have to use all my strength to keep him close to my body so he doesn't hurt himself. This went on for hours until he finally fell asleep about 6:50. After that my alarm went off, and I just looked at it with despise.

Jude also experienced several seizures last night, and just seemed very out of it. He smiled once when I told him my aunt was coming to see him this weekend, but other than that he was very withdrawn.

Not sure what's going on with the little man.

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Candace said...

Man Jenn, I hate to hear it. Sending you some hugs from the East Coast!