Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Mike has called, and updated me a few times today. Jude slept until about 10:30 today, and Mike had to wake him up. So that means he is late in getting his medications, and starting his eating for the day. As of 2pm Jude had taken 6 ounces of Pediasure, and 2 ounces of water. So far he has kept his food down, and we are praying this continues.

The nurse is with Jude today, and she is being very attentive to any issues. She is writing down every seizure, every spasm, and every indication of a spasm. So far Jude is having an alright day, but we are still being precautious. We have already agreed that if Jude should vomit again he is going into the ER. Mike, and the nurse have administered the Miralx which should help Jude go to the bathroom again. We will be looking at the color to make sure there is no signs of blood. I know that sounds gross, but I promised to be open in my blog. Someone mentioned food allergies, but Jude only takes Pediasure. The doctor doesn't seem very worried about this being a possibility. I really think this is from the increase of the Felbatol combined with his teething, and it's creating more issues. Our main concern is avoiding another battle of medication induced pancreatitis.

Mike has noticed that Jude's pupils, are reacting in weird manners to light. They are not reacting like they normally do by decreasing in size, etc. This will be something we bring up to the neurologist. I am still waiting on a return call from the neurologist to see what he thinks about Jude's current situation.

We are well versed in knowing when to go to the ER. For right now I believe Jude is doing well enough to be at home. If he shows any signs of continuing to have issues we will go in right away. I know he is more comfortable at home, and we want to keep him there is possibe. Although, we all know his health comes first. I am very glad we have the nurse there watching him.

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Candace said...

I know you must feel so helpless, Jenn! Trying to figure out all that stuff is a nightmare. Sending our prayers to Texas