Monday, June 14, 2010

Another update

You get two updates today.

Emily was asked to be in the Kids Swing tournament this year on July 19th, and she gladly accepted. She met the founder of Kids Swing, Ben Sater when they were both announced the Prudential Spirit of the Award winners for Texas. Emily won for her Smile Boxes, and Ben won for creating Kids Swing, a charity that has earned more than $850,000 for Scottish Rite.

When Ben was a little boy he had to have surgery on his fingers. While he was at the hospital he noticed that people didn't have to pay a bill when they left. He asked his mother why no one had to pay, and she explained that Scottish Rite provides free services due to generous donations. From that point on Ben wanted to help the hospital, and has done so in a huge way. Every year he hold a golf tournament, where individuals can support the "kid" golfers. All the proceeds go to help Scottish Rite. Their goal is surpass a million this year, and Emily is helping.

Please consider stopping by her site, and donating whatever you can.

Emily and her friend Ben Sater.

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Candace said...

How exciting, Emily! What a wonderful bunch of kiddos!