Monday, June 28, 2010

Zzzzz, nurse, and photo's

I am so tired of being so tired! Jude got up about 3am last night, and was up and down after that. He had several seizures, and just seemed uncomfortable. On top of that I have an issues that's causing me pain so I couldn't sleep anyway. I am dead on my feet at work today, and I am not even trying to hide it. I am hoping I can get out of here a little early today.

The nurse in take is the morning, and she may start this afternoon, but if not today then tomorrow for sure. Right now she will be at our house each Monday and Tuesday for ten hours. Once school starts back up then she will spread her hours out through others days during the week. I know that Mike will be thankful she is there. Jude threw up all over Mike and the floor again this morning, and Mike is at his wits end. He called me at work so frustrated, and telling me he just doesn't think he can do this anymore. It's such a sad realization that Mike gets so exasperated with Jude, and that his days all run together. Hopefully the nurse will help remove some of his stress. There is little I can do from work, and I do have to work, or we don't make it. I understand Mike's frustration, and how trapped he feels. I know it's like Groundhog day at my house sometimes. We love Jude with all our heart, but being a daddy that stays home can wear a man out. Mike doesn't always handle everything in the best way, but many of us don't.

On Saturday, and Sunday Jude had some very dark tarry stools. We are hoping it's the chocolate Pediasure he had on Friday night, but I am growing a bit concerned. I am unsure how long it takes for Pediasure to leave your system, and Jude had several bowel movements. I am going to think this is nothing, but I am worried his excessive vomiting has caused a small tear. On another note, there is some good news. Just has had a lot of tummy time lately, and is working very hard on moving. He can scoot around his blanket......which lands him on the carpet a lot, but he is moving. He seemed very interested in the little scooter board Mike had made him. Although, the wheels are very close to his fingers, so it's back to the drawing board for Mike. Jude is also make more progress at trying to roll again.

This weekend Mike had two photo shoots, and I think he was thrilled to get out, and do something he loves. He worked with a friend of mine who has a little girl, and a special needs son. We got an amazing photo of her son in his walker, a profile shot. My friend mentioned how they rarely get photo's because they have a hard time finding photographers that have the patience to photograph special needs. Mike wants to sign up with Littlest Hero's, and to help people obtain the photo's they have wanted so badly of their family. I have created a fan page of Mike's photography on facebook. If you get a chance stop by:!/pages/Fort-Worth-TX/Mike-ortiz-Photography/130589006974629?ref=mf&ajaxpipe=1&__a=8

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