Friday, June 25, 2010

A little update

Well it's been nine days since the introduction of the increased medication level. Yesterday was the mark of Jude having some issues with it. He has slowed down on eating again, is vomiting, and restless. He threw up so hard last night, that he was dry heaving for awhile. I felt just terrible for him, and for Emily who almost sympathy puked. He has done better today, and Mike has gotten Jude to eat some. I am hoping he will have a good weekend.

Monday we complete the intake for Jude's nursing. We have switched providers because during the time Jude was on nurse hiatus Charlotte went to a new company. I am hearing that this should be a seamless transition, and I hope that is an accurate assessment. That means Charlotte should start on Tuesday. She is currently with another family until school starts, so until August we will only have her on Mondays, and Tuesdays. It's a start, and we are all very thankful. I feel so relieved someone who is qualified to make medical decisions will be watching Jude on a continuous basis. Jude has avoided the hospital since December, and we are hoping to make that last.

I took these last two weekends off in June from Scentsy. So this weekend we are concentrating on Mike's business. I have mentioned before that he is a photographer, and he has been wanting to get his business off the ground. With Jude's situation everything has been put on the back burner, but we are getting him up and going again. We have two photo shoots this weekend, and I know he is so excited to be doing something he loves again. Here are some recent shots he took of my friends girls.


Candace said...

I hope Jude adjusts to the new dosage quickly! Have you seen a change in the frequency of seizures? Love Mike's pictures they are quite beautiful!

Caroline said...

Hello :O) ive been a very slack blogger recently :O( but had a quick catch up...sorry u r still battling those nasty seizures. hope had a clear 6 months without a single one, but they are creeping back into our lives again.

Jenn, i cannot believe how big Jude has grown! he really looks like a grown up boy now! i love the photo of him in his highchair; i can't believe how tall he looks. and AMAZING head control!

Hope u don't mind, but i pointed a friend in your direction (the blog), her lil boy Liam had a brain bleed when he was 2 days old, he's now visually impaired, has had seizures, and is a bit behind

love to u all