Sunday, May 30, 2010

No plans at all

Today was the first day in a long while that I had nothing planned, and I mean nothing! I didn't have to go to work, there were no Scentsy parties, no charity events, no doctor appointments, no nothing. It's not that I have issues with any of those items, it was just nice that I didn't have an agenda. I could have sat on my back porch listening to the crickets chirp if I wanted to. Although, it seems I am not very good at just sitting and relaxing, so Emily and I jetted off to shop today. Emily is begging to do a pageant at the end of July. She is up for the Build A Bear Huggable hero award the same weekend, and she would be so honored to receive that recognition. We are crossing our fingers that she is one of their national honorees, but any child they pick will be deserving. If she doesn't receive the award, she wanted to have something planned the family could do. I asked her to work hard to save money for her wished event, and to help clean up the house. She is working on those items, so today we shopped for a cute little dress. She drug me from store to store looking at dresses, shoes, and more. For the first time I looked at my pretty girl, and realized she is almost as tall as I am. I noticed that she spoke a little different, held herself a little different, and made sure Jude was always attended to. Em is a leader, she is a rebel, and she is a child all wrapped into one pre tween body. I enjoyed my time with her today, and I will cherish it always. We laughed in dressing rooms, we gawked at ugly outfits on hangers, and with a guilty conscience we ate pecans drenched in butter and sugar.

I have to say that I respect the fact that Emily didn't flinch when I asked for the "handicap" fitting room. When Jude needed to be changed in said fitting room she just smiled, and when Jude needed to be fed she just lengthened her time when trying on clothes. She is a trooper, and so is Jude. At one point Jude stuck his fist out of his wheelchair so that every passerby was hit. I mimicked a babies voice and said "If you girls are going to make me shop I am going to hit every sucker that walks by my chair", and Emily just cracked up!!! The lady in front of me that heard my impression, also laughed.

I ignored my phone today so I could just spend time with my kids. The minutes raced to hours, and I never even noticed. Soon five hours had passed, and when I told Em she said, "it's seemed like it was only twenty minutes". Soon we knew it was time to go, and headed towards the truck. I saw our big white truck sitting in the tale tale blue handicap sign spot, but that didn't save us from the downpour of rain that came out of nowhere. I loaded Emily, and Jude, and then I tried to figure out how to break down the kid cart wheelchair, as I was soaked to the skin. I laughed as I got into the truck ringing out my hair. Emily said I looked polka dotted with the large rain drops. I smiled at her with a big smile, and just patted her leg. I am very proud of my girl, and proud of Jude too. I am also proud of myself for figuring out the kid kart. I normally just strap it into the back of the truck, but now I knew how to actually break it down.

On our way home we picked up Emily's cousin Faith. They are now upstairs watching a movie, and I am about to slip into bed without anyone noticing. Oh let me just add that I have started Jude on 1.5 MG of melatonin! This lasts from about 10-4, and it is a God Send!! The doctor said we should slowly work up to 3mg. Since the 1.5 has worked so well, I am sure the 3mg will work even better. Maybe I could actually sleep through the night again?? I am thankful for the great advice from our neurologist, friends, and readers. I am still a bit delirious from lack of sleep, but it seems that I will be caught up soon!

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Candace said...

So great to hear about your carefree day, Jenn! Thrilled to hear that the melatonin is working! We just uped Faith's dose to the 3mg's after almost a year on the half dose. That stuff is a life saver!