Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mixed emotions

Sometimes as parents we wonder what else we could do to make our child's lives better. Emily has been going through pre-teen emotions, and it's been difficult on us. I finally got the real reason for her recent change in attitude. It seems that she is starting to realize that not everyone is as nice as she is. She is having a hard time with some kids at school, and taking out on us at home. We had a long talk last night, and I am hoping it will help some. I am also having some issues with a few of the kids she knows, and their knowledge of so much more than I knew at age eleven.

Jude has new muscle spasms, and I am not sure what they are coming from. I can only describe them as seizures in his legs. His legs will move rapidly over and over in a shaking position. We stretch Jude out very good, so I am not sure what this issue is. I am wondering if the new medication can cause tremors. I will be watching this new issue closely.

Yesterday Jude got the little green dinosaur from his grandma, and at first he wasn't sure what to think about it.
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Then he decided he really loves it:

It made me happy that Jude was reacting to a dinosaur like a little boy normally does.

Work has been so crazy that I had to shut more door during lunch to be able to blog. I feel like I am ignoring everyone who has called, or chatted with me, but it's just one of those weeks. During work today I got a phone call from the state about Jude's MDCP benefits. The lady asked me, if Jude can walk, and I replied no. She then asked if he could crawl, and I said no. She asked if he could hold toys in his hand, and I said no. She asked if he could life his arms to be held, and I said no. So she then said he was marked ambulatory pe 1, which is another term I never wished to learn. She made my day I tell ya, sigh.

Well I don't want to end on a bad note, so I will leave you with a picture of the shirt we bought Jude in Washington. Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Time to open the door!

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jocalyn said...

hey...could it be clonus? google it to see a video. kendall has had it since birth. we can make her do it by pushing on her foot.

sorry about the pre-teen drama... kids can be mean :(

hang in there!