Friday, May 21, 2010

The terrorists and more.

I have been trying to blog all morning, whew it's been busy today. Jude was super smiley yesterday at home, and has been spending more time entertaining himself. He will lay on the ground looking at his dino, but he still does not like to sit up. He has therapy today so I am anxious to see what she says. Last week she said that it seems like Jude has more clarity, and seems to recognize people. I am working hard on getting a video of Jude lifting up his head, I just pray he will eventually be able to keep it up. The bad news is Emily has strep throat, and is at home again today. Although, the good news is also that it's strep throat and treatable right away, viral would have been worse. Since Emily has had antibiotics she is now no longer contagious.

So I have a video for you that I have been meaning to post. If you have read my blog for awhile then you know who the terrorists are. If not let me explain, when I married Mike I gained three step dogs, all Jack Russell's. They are Spot, Lady, and Jack. Individually they are wonderful, but together they are ROTTEN! If you think I am being vicious then you can wait for some comments from my friends who personally know these little heathens. Of course I call them that, but every time I come from the store I bring them soup bones. They have a fancy dog house that Mike built for them, but they do have to stay outside. Keeping Jack Russell's inside can be cruel, and they like the outdoors. Anyway, our dogs need more attention though, and need someone to walk be pulled behind them. So anyway, we have been doing some work in the backyard in the garden, on the pond, etc. So we have stored items on our porch, and up on our table. On of the said items were a package of black ties to secure my climbing rose bush to the fence. Well, you can check out what happened, forgive my mess we have been working.

So they climbed on top of the table, grabbed the package, and shredded it. We also have Bigsby our Yorkie poo who stays inside and doesn't care much for the terrorists. Bigsby's favorite past time is chasing the cat around barking until the cat plays back, and then Bigsby yelps. Our cat is a massive bean bag of fur called Scooter, and he is the best mouser in DFW. He is also the best cat, and we believe he is a "Seizure cat". He will lay next to Jude before we can even tell a seizure is about to strike, and he will not get up until it's over.

In addition to my messy patio, my entry way is loaded with Emily's Smile Box supplies for the cut a thon. I was standing there staring at all of it last night wondering how I was going to fit it all in our truck. Thankfully my cousin said he husband would be willing to help us. We have a large amount of people coming to the fundraiser, and I hope it all goes okay. There isn't a lot I can organize and will have to wing a lot of it. The box party should go off well.

My entry way:
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Emily packing 200 crayons:
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Docia said...

So sorry but I had to laugh at the dogs, what a mess!!! But sooo funny!!

Candace said...

Oh No, sorry Jenn, but I am laughing my head off! Don't ya just love the way animals can make a mess in about ten seconds? One of our cats has been sick for the last few days so I have been keeping her in the bathroom until the vomit thing is gone. I have been cleaning the bathroom twice a food pieces all over the floor, cat throw up, furballs...Ick! I don't know how they can make such a mess. Worse than kids!LOL

Dallas AC Repair said...

Oh my goodness, I've been there. That is hilarious, my Lab has been outdone.