Wednesday, May 12, 2010


My sweet Em is having a hard time lately, and has turned into sassy pants. I am trying to get to the root of her recent evil side, and I think it's a little boy at school. It seems said boy has been ripping apart my kiddo's self esteem. We had a long talk last night about allowing people to treat you poorly. Hopefully Emily will stand up for herself today.

Jude is very smiley lately, and had "happy legs" all night long. His seizures seemed to have diminished some, but then I noticed they have just taken on a new form. Jude gets very quiet, and his eyes dart to the right, and his eyes stay there. He then will gasp for air (which scares me), and continues to look right. This can last about five minutes. I think we may have another EEG soon.

I am still very busy at work, and with my CE so I feel a little lost this week. I am trying to catch up on everything, so I can feel more normal.

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