Thursday, May 20, 2010

A sick Em

I once heard someone say that one doesn't feel more guilt than a working mom with a sick child. If you leave to go to work you feel guilty for leaving the child, if you stay home with the child you feel guilty for leaving work. It's a no win situation.

Emily is sick today, and I am at home. I am going to take her to the doctor about 1:30. She said her throat hurts, and she feels dizzy. I hate running off to the doctor, and usually don't, but in this situation we need to go. Emily has a tendency to get ear infections, and has lost 30% of her hearing in her right ear. She gets really irritated with people when she asks them to repeat themselves and they get annoyed with her.

Anway, so off to the doc we go today! It should be a shock for him that I am there with her vs Jude.

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Gilda said...

I totally hear you on the guilty feeling of a sick child at home and work thing. I hope Emily is feeling better.