Friday, May 14, 2010

Is the medication working???

Jude has been very alert tonight, and I have spent most of the night admiring his little face. I have avoided phone calls, and just rested with my little boy. Em went to a friends house, and Mike had to run up his friends salon, so mommy and Jude were alone. According to Mike Jude has only had two seizures today........that's a miracle, or the Felbatol I was upset with. So far today Jude has looked me straight in the eyes, giggled, tried to roll over, looked over his shoulder when Mike called him, and ate with ease. I am not sure if this is just a "good day", or if the medication is truly working. Either way I had enjoyed tonight with him.

Mike was telling me a story about an older child with special needs, and I looked at him and said, "So when a child is 7 years old, and you still have to change their do you do that, because they won't fit on a changing station?" He just replied, "Now you know why I stress so much". I replied that I believe that Jude will walk with assistance, and we will work with his issue. Regardless of that topic Jude filled me with hope tonight, he really did.

The nutrionist came today and said she is amazed at how big Jude is. She admitted he needs more calories, and fat so she gave us several samples of Boost, and instructed us to get some heavy cream for his bottles. Lord have mercy the boy will probably have some serious bathroom issues with that ingredient. His physical therapist also came today, and she told Mike, "Somehow Jude is making accomplishments in his own way, it's subtle, and it's on his terms, but I am impressed.". This made me very very happy. On top of that we have avoided the inside of a hospital since December, amen!!!!


Katy said...

Super news all the way around!

mom2nji said...

I think if there is any way possible that Jude will walk, you will find it. I thought of you the other day; there is a little girl in my son's prek class who I suspected my have autism, I ended up talking to her mom and it turns out she had a stroke close to the time of her birth, they don't know when exactly.
If it weren't for you and this blog, I wouldn't have known this was possible. Thank you for the information and stories you share.

Christy said...

MaKayla will be 7 in November and she is still in diapers and doesn't walk so she has to be changed when we are out and there is definitely ways that it can be done that are private for them and convient for the parents :)

Sherry C said...

Sounds like a great day, I believe Jude will walk with assistance too. Drop by my blog and I just posted a video of Ashley doing the same thing it has been really hard work but she is getting there.

Ashley does CME Medek physiotherapy. Her therapist has seem many kids respond to this even kids with seizures I asked her that question the other week.


Candace said...

Yeah Jen, I agree with Christy. Faith is still in diapers and believe is the least of our concerns! One of the last things we think about, for sure. For one thing if you change her before you go anywhere you usually don't have to do it when out. But in those cases...we use the back of the car.