Monday, December 7, 2009

A touching Christmas story

So I really worked with Jude on eating this weekend, and getting back to his regular schedule. We were becoming exhausted because Jude's nights and days were mixed up. I was thrilled when Jude looked so wonderful on Saturday, all nice a pink. If you compare this picture to the pic of him in the hospital you can tell how sick he was.

Finally on Saturday I got Jude to take almost 30 ounces, and we felt relieved. We even had a sitter stop by for two hours so Mike, and I could run out and have some dinner, and time to talk. It was nice to get out for a little while. When we got home Jude laid down about 10:30, and he slept ALL night long. Wow, I felt like a new person in the morning, and many praises to my husband who gave Jude his medication at 2am so I could sleep. Jude went right back to sleep after Mike gave him his meds. Sunday was a great day too, but then Jude decided to stay up again until 1am, sigh!!!

I had shared on my blog how Jude was in the hospital the exact same time last year, and how we never got our Christmas lights up. When we got home from hearing that Jude would be permanently disabled we were all to depressed to even think about Christmas. So then this year Jude winds up in the hospital again, and for awhile it looked like he might not be with us at all the Christmas. We were stressed, upset, and praying that he would be ok. The Christmas lights for our house were strewn across our Dining room table in a mess of tangles and cords. Mike muttered at the hospital about how Christmas wasn't going to happen again this year, but he soon found his way over that issue. He was determined, and so was I that it would be an exceptional holiday. Imagine our surprise when we pulled up to our house yesterday to see this...

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That's right, we have great friends, and family. My cousin Sarah had sent out an emailing asking if anyone wanted to help put our Christmas lights up as a surprise. Not only did they get help, but my best friend Ginger's husband owns a company that puts up lights. They put custom lights with timers, and everything on our house. Emily was, for the first time in her life,.....speechless. It was like the Extreme Home makeover of Christmas lights, and it was very touching!!! It really put us in the holiday mood, and we consider ourselves very lucky to have such wonderful people in our lives. Many times we go about our business, but we cannot help letting all these issue effect us, so something like this really raises our spirits!

Also, I would like to show you that Jude is back to his old self, and has nothing wrong with his all.

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He was very angry with me for giving him his grape medicine. Emily thought it was hilarious he was carrying on without a tear so she snapped a picture.

Ps ~ A big thanks to auntie Fleck for all her Christmas goodies for the kids, and us. You truly are a blessing in our lives! We love you dearly.


Katy said...

I read that story on your FB updates and it made me a little teary-eyed. Thanks goodness for our families, right?

Jude definitely seems to be doing better. Charlie's new medicine is grape and he doesn't care for it either.

Midwest Mommy said...

That is such an awesome surprise! And yay on the 30 ounces!!

Candace said...

Jenn, I am so glad that Jude is home. I was out of time and missed all the changes. But you were in our prayers. The lights are awesome!

gilda said...

So glad to hear Jude took those 30 ounces. And wow! that sure was great to hear about your house all in Christmas lights I agree thank god for family and friends.My Christmas wish you guys is to have a wonderful Christmas. Family makes the holidays, I know I may not understand completely what you and Mike go through everyday with Jude. But my heart goes out to you both when he is not doing well. And it always puts a smile on my face when I do hear some great news of Jude doing better.So from a stranger that follows your blog Merry Christmas and may god bless each and everyone of you!

shelley said...

hey there,
so glad to have you drop by, i think about you from time to time my bloggy special needs mama buddy. so glad to hear jude is doing well... i loved that your friends and family popped up and hung the lights they are beautiful. how is emily's little biz going? how many boxes has she gotten to children?
keep smiling,
shelley :)