Thursday, December 10, 2009

A few little updates

Last night was wonderful, because Jude finally slept! I kept him downstairs holding him tight while Emily, and I watched the season finale of "Glee". Emily has labeled watching Glee our "Mommy and Emily time", which makes me smile. We both love that show, and I highly recommend it. They even did an episode on how difficult it is to be in a wheelchair, and I thought it was fabulous. The teacher was rather dissapointed with his children that could walk having no regard for the special needs kids feelings. So he made every walking child spend a certain amount of the day in a wheelchair so they could see how difficult it is. Anyway, I held Jude all through the show, and got him to eat which made me happy. He had given Mike a hard time all day about eating, but I really believe it's because of the bottle. For some reason Jude wants the new nipples that come from the hospital when a baby is first born. It takes him a little longer to eat, but not much longer. If you give him a bottle with one of those nipples he will eat the entire thing. I think Mike is rather frustrated with it, but I believe doing whatever it takes right now to get him to eat.

Next week Jude will start back to speech therapy, and the therapist will begin working with him to eat solids again. He will also stop his Flagyl tomorrow so we are getting back to a normal lifestyle again. Well as normal as our lifestyle gets I guess. Jude looks healthy and pink again, and seems to be noticing situations around him. Last night I was hollaring upstairs for Emily to come down, I would say "Emmmmmmmmily??". Jude would say "aaaaaaaaaaaaaa" and I was rather impressed with this. It's almost like he was trying to mimic me, he only did it twice, but I was still very happy. In addition I opened my hand palm up on his belly, like I always do, and he placed his little fist right in it. Generally I will say "where is Jude's hand", but he performed this task without being asked.

Prior to watching Glee we watched a rerun of Extreme Home Makeover. I love that show so much that I record every new, and old episode. I watch this show to see others doing good deeds, to remind myself our life isn't that bad, and to teach Emily lessons. Last night there was an episode on with a little boy that has a trach, feeding tube, etc. Mike was pretty upset seeing this little boy, and told me watching that show just doesn't make him feel better. He said he sees the special needs equipment, and realizes that Jude will someday need all those items too. I told him I look at the show with hope because if that little boy can accomplish holding HIS head up, and driving his own wheelchair, then I believe Jude can too!!! I also see the hope, and the dedication his parents have, and it touches my heart.

On a final note I am placing a Scentsy order today, so if anyone needs anything for Christmas please let me know. Thanks.

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Candace said...

Jenn, you know I can see where Mike is coming from. I used to be that way. I fought her wheelchair for WAY too long but in the end she needed it and it made my life alot easier! Those things can be so painful in the early stages but the time will come when he does have lots of those things and you will hardly notice them. Our house is just a holding facility for equipment, medical supplies and adaptive things...what's a playroom?