Friday, December 4, 2009


Mike went to the doctor with Jude today, but they didn't say to much. He said that Jude was not dehydrated again yet, and that if we did go back to the hospital they would push a G button. They discussed Jude's vaccinations which have always been a debate with us, and they confirmed Jude had the rotavirus vaccine. We all now know that Jude had the rotavirus, and the CDIF. In fact Jude's pediatrician asked Mike, "Are you sure he had both issues?", and Mike said we had the stool and blood tests to prove it. The doctor said "Da%%, he is a really lucky kid, and a fighter!". In other words, he couldn't believe that Jude had made it through this past week. I think it was a slap in the face to us, that Jude was beyond sick.

After the doctor's office Mike brought Jude by my office letting me know he had only eaten 2 ounces that day. I took Jude, and placed him close to me, and he took another 4 ounces, and Mike then proclaimed he needed boobs so he could have pillows for Jude too...ha! I was super busy at work so Mike quickly took Jude home, and I was happy to follow a few hours later. Once I got home Jude was sound asleep, and stayed that way for about two hours. I am afraid it is going to be another long night tonight. Once Jude woke up I worked with him, and I am happy to report he took NINE ounces. I am afraid after that he had a bad diaper, but 9 ounces is still incredible.

I have wrapped some Christmas gifts tonight, and spent some time with my family. Em is at a friends, but the rest of us are here watching Extreme Home makeover recordings. We are looking around very thankful for our home, and so thankful for our kids. We plan on having a relaxful weekend filled with prayers that Jude will stay home, and not go back to the hospital. I also plan to see a few wonderful friends, and family members who have supported us without fail.

I apologize I have not kept up with everyone's blogs lately, I have just been a bit overwhelmed. I promise to be an avid reader very soon!!!

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Pamela said...

So glad to hear your little angel is home and eating! Here is to hoping you all get the needed rest and togetherness required for healing. It's so good to be under your own roof isn't it!
God Bless!