Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A few movies

Emily came home last night, and we were so happy to see her. We decided to watch the movie "The Blindside" last night, and we also ended up watching a bit of the Sundance movie "Autistic everyday". Mike had told me about the movie, and suggested that we watch some of it. He said that he was teary pretty much through the whole movie, and I found that I was too. Emily even got pretty teary watching the movie, and I implore you to watch it. In the world of special needs our families seem to relate in someway regardless of the disability. We watched the parents talk about how different their lives are, their fears, and how you just cannot relate unless you are in this circumstance.

A lot of it seems rather down, and like the people were just hoping for normal to much, but I guess everyone has those feelings. Regardless, I thought it was a very movie show, and it touched Mike and I It's a rather accurate description of how a person changes mentally, physically, and emotionally when caring for a special needs child. On the other hand we have also had very positive changes, but it is a difficult lifestyle. During that show Emily told me that she wanted to take care of Jude if something should happen to us {referring to when we are older}. I told her I didn't want her to take on the burden of watching Jude for the rest of her life. She said "He is not a burden he is my brother, and I love him, I want him and will fight for him". My goodness, I think she is adamant!

We then watched the Blind Side, and that move was just amazing!! I felt so sorry for the children that grow up in the circumstance that Mr. Oehr did. It made me want to rush out, and try to help all these kids. Mike always reminds me that I cannot save the world, but I wish I could. Anyway, it was an amazing story!!

Jude had therapy today at Baylor, and Emily was able to attend for the first time. All Jude wanted to do was sleep, and would have no part of participating. His seizures have also increased again, so we are watching for any impending sickness. He is still eating though very well, so that's reassuring. Still, we are going to keep a close eye on him, and keep things relaxed tonight.

I will have to let you guys know all about Christmas morning.

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This was Jude today. He was to tired for therapy.

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Katy said...

If Jude's seizures are increasing I'm sure that's affecting his sleep.

Wishing you guys a Merry Christmas and hopefully a healthy one too!