Monday, December 21, 2009

A pink chair, and a winner

It has been an extremely busy day, I have been trying to post since this morning. So I took a picture of Jude in his stander, and I have a hilarious story. I pulled up the picture to post it on the blog, and there on the TV behind Jude is a little kids butt in chaps. HAHA! I am guessing we got were watching America's Funniest Video's, or that parent movie with Steve Martin. I was rolling, and figured it wasn't appropriate for the blog. Jenn offered to crop it after she got a huge kick out of the picture herself.

I will share a picture of Jude in Kendall's recliner. He seemed to like it a lot, but he would need some straps to help hold him in place. He would also need blue vs pink, although Mike cared more about Jude having a picture made in a pink chair then Jude did.

I love the fact that we know parents with other special needs children that Jude can grow up with. I wish none of us where in this situation, but since we are, it's great to know wonderful people. I just feel bad every time I visit, I am an exhausted mess.

So on a WONDERFUL note, Emily's smile boxes participated in a contest on Facebook with Paul's Restoration Company in FT Worth They were picking a first, second, third, and fourth place charity to win money. I am happy to report Emily received second, and got $500!!! We are just thrilled. We will be able to make so many smile boxes with that money.

Jude was wonderful all weekend, except he was throwing a few of his tantrums. He threw one in the new stander, and kept whipping his head around. Jude still has very little head control, and I am praying that approves. We are trying everything we can to help improve this issue. Although, I think we sometimes rescue him to quickly from situations where he is aggravated, and just doesn't want to work.


A Girl Named Me said...

Jude looks so grown up in that picture. He's adorable!

And congratulations to Emily on winning! That's terrific for her!


Pamela said...

Boy, Jude looks so good! I'm glad to hear his appetite and intake are up. He is such a handsome little boy! Merry Christmas and all the blessings above to you and your family. Oh and congrats to you Emily! Well deserved young lady!

Anonymous said...

i am a avid reader of your blog and i thought about the smile boxes last night while i was watching tv. Have you ever seen Bank of Hollywood on E? I think Emily should go on it and try to earn some more money to make those boxes. Just a thought.

Katy said...

Charlie has those exact same PJs.

I'm sure Jude's head control will get better if you put him in teh stander regularly.