Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas recap

I will have to post pictures, and the video Monday from work, but I wanted to share our Christmas Story. I worked Christmas Eve until three, and we were anticipating getting Emily's dog that night. Yes, Em was getting a dog for Christmas. About halfway through the day we noticed that it began snowing.......and snowing.......and snowing. I couldn't believe my Texan eyes as I watched massive amounts of snow hitting the ground. In addition to that the 45mph wind made the visibility eventually about oh 0%!! Once I finally made it home Mike had to leave to go get Emily from her dad. Our plan was that Mike would make an excuse to get back out once she went to sleep, to pick up the p u p p y. Our plans drastically changed when it took Mike over two hours just to get Emily back home. Our highways were shutting down, the roads were slick, and the snow kept falling. We were saddened to realize all our efforts had gone to waist, and Emily was not getting her puppy for Christmas. Let me explain what I mean by our efforts.....

We have told Emily every year when she has asked for a dog that with Jude's issues we didn't need anymore stress. First it was the hard pregnancy, then Jude, that kept her from getting her wish. This year has been extra hard on all of us, and for Christmas we wanted to do something special for Em. I told my aunt Caron that I was considering.....just considering getting her a dog. She talked with my cousin Candace, and she had a Yorkie poo that needed a new home. It was perfect! The puppy is 3 years old, about 4 pounds, black, potty trained, crate trained, and just perfect. So our friend Gina that works for the airlines flew up, and picked the puppy up last weekend while Em was with her dad. We kept the puppy here until Emily got home, and my aunt Docia then took "Bigsby", and we set the plans to pick him up on Christmas eve night. So you can now see why we were so sad. So Christmas Eve night I let Emily open a large box that was filled with dog stuff. Emily opened the box, and looked at me a bit perplexed and said "dog stuff??". Mike replied "you got her dog stuff when she has a cat". This really threw my naturally blonde daughter off, and I finally said "Do you know what this means Emily". Then she got it, I will save her response for you, because there is no explaining it, and the video is priceless!!!!

So we spent the rest of Christmas eve in a our quiet home with some lasagna, and salad. Then we snuggled into our beds waiting on Santa to come, only to wake up to a very stopped up Jude at 2am. He was so stuffed up, and just miserable, hence the increased seizures. I finally have him some Benadryl, and he finally fell back to sleep. Then a bouncy girl came in at 7am to wake us up informing us that Santa had come. The day was delayed because of the still icy conditions outside. Once we got going though it turned into a fabulous day. I cooked a huge meal, and my sister joined us. Then Bigsby finally made it, and Emily was so excited she could barely stand herself. Jude was feeling much better so I am convinced the weather, and allergies were bothering him. He loved his big caterpillar we got him, and he even sat with us at the Christmas table voicing his opinion. Jude was very vocal this weekend.

Today I went to see my friend Sarah, and her new baby girl Dakota. She is so tiny and small and just precious. We then headed to Mike's moms so we could see them for Christmas, and we all went to a Mexican restaurant for some great food. Before we left I asked Mike to hand me a baby spoon from the diaper bag, and I attempted to feed Jude some refried beans. I carefully scooped some of the beans up, and placed the spoon right by Jude's lips. To my surprise he starting eating them.........really eating them. He didn't just open his mouth for me to shovel food in, and then him spit them out. No, he started chewing on the spoon, wrapping his lips around the spoon, and eating the beans. I was so excited that I fed him probably 3/4 a normal baby food jar. We were thrilled, and this leads us to think that Jude really wants that texture, and real foods. He is not fond of jar baby food, so we are making our own baby foods. Oh what a prayer would be answered is he started taking more foods!!!

So even though the puppy fiasco threw things off we had a wonderful blessed Christmas. We cannot wait to share pictures with everyone. I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas. A big thank you to those who helped us make another families Christmas special. Their children got an amazing amount of gifts because of your generosity, and the family was very grateful. Em's puppy has been a perfect angel going outside for each potty, playing with her, chasing our cat, and loving on Jude.


Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas! I'm so glad that things turned out well. It was/is really a mess in OKC, too. We're still stuck in the house. Probably going to try to venture out tomorrow.

Much love to you all,
Parker and Amy Hendrix

ParkerMama said...

So glad to read of a glad and happy Christmas!

mom2nji said...

Wow it sounds like a wonderful Christmas. I bet Em is over the moon about her new dog! I am so excited about Jude eating!

The Wacky Whittons said...

Oh that is so exciting! I am so sad that the snow came no where near us! We got some flakes for about 5 minutes. That is all. Yay for Emily and her new puppy! I am so glad to hear Jude is doing well! Eating too!!! AWESOME!!!

Happy New Year!

MrsFought said...

Hi! I just found your blog through TMI. I am so excited to have found another mom going through something similar to us. My husband and I recently adopted our precious baby Matthew. I would love to tell you more about him if you were interested. Please feel free to read my blog or email me at By the way we are in Eastland, TX which is about an hour from Ft. Worth.