Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Resident of room 676 checking in.

I am at the hospital watching Jude rest, and he keeps making little noises like he is talking in his sleep. The GI doctor came, and evaluated Jude today, and discussed the non eating issue with Mike. Mike said the doctor was very nice, and told him no one will pressure us into making any decisions regarding the G button ( unless Jude continues to refuse to eat). He said we should take our time, evaluate the situation, and then decide. He explained that the button will allow us to feed Jude, and administer medication without fighting Jude. Jude hates receiving medication, and every nurse here has commented on how strong he is when he throws his anti medication fit. He will hold his breath, and contort his body in all directions screaming in between the breath holding.

I know a few people that have had issues with the G button getting infected, also the idea of Jude being put under for surgery scares me. Although, the idea of Jude never getting dehydrated, and Mike's stress level going down regarding the feeds, is appealing. There are many pros and cons we have to scan through. Although, if Jude doesn't eat we will have no choice. When I got to the hospital Jude had only taken an ounce more, so we are stuck here. I keep telling Jude if he will eat we can go home to our cozy bed, but he is not interested. I hear the nurses talking about how the infection, and virus could keep him from eating, but I think this is just Jude being Jude.

Mike said Jude had carol singers today, a musical therapist, and others stop by his room. I am glad he is getting some interaction. I held Jude in the rocking chair for awhile tonight like I normally hold him on the couch. He seemed to be very happy that I was holding him, and fell fast asleep. Now according to Mike Jude will be up here in awhile, and stay up until 2am, so I better get to sleep. Good night all.

Also, a friend of mine lost his wife today, and needs some prayers. I am not sure why things happen sometimes in life, it's just a mystery.


Midwest Mommy said...

I am still praying. Thanks so much for the updates! Get some rest.

Preemie Miracle said...

Ok so I don't have you on my freaking twitter any more. I must go find you. I have been following this last Judescaped! What a stinker! Ok so we don't have a button. My sister son does BUT after 4 years of struggling with food I wish to all get out that we would not have fought it at age 1. NOT KIDDING. Though there are so many cons there are SOOOOO many pros. It is the worst feeling as a mom to be going back and forth for what is best for our kiddos. The tears we spend on such small decisions the big ones makes us crazy!.... Seriously though I would be looking at it with an open mind. Just because you have a tubey doesn't mean you can't still teach him to eat. It just means his little body doesn't have to fight.