Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Thank you

Mike called this morning, and said Jude slept very soundly last night. His fever is hovering between 99.4 - 100, so it isn't that bad. He also had two other nasty diapers, and we are hoping this goes away soon. I was able to get the 2 1/2 ounces in him I mentioned, and then Mike said he got an additional 3 ounces of pediasure into Jude. It still isn't much, and there is no way they are going to let him go home. Mike also said Jude is acting very sleepy again today, and will not eat because he just wants to sleep. The nurses are assuring Mike this is normal, but I am worrying Jude is slipping back to the way he was. I am wondering if this is because they turned down the IV, and he is not eating enough. I am anxious to get to the hospital to see him. I think a lot of my worrying is because I am away from him, and living through text updates from Mike.

I am going to stay with Jude tonight, and through tomorrow afternoon. I am also going to take Em with me to the hospital tonight so she can see him. We are lucky that Jude is in a nice big room, and there is plenty of room for us to move around. Also, child life is wanting to meet Em, and talk to her about her boxes. I am not sure anyone will be there when Em gets there, but we will see.

In addition I would like to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for all your advice, comments, and concern. I know I don't respond back all the time, but just know you are appreciated. I have also had a few people offer to get Jude the little aquarium toy I mentioned, but someone already got it. I appreciate the offers, you are very kind. I have a hard time accepting things from people, and my aunt told me once to just be gracious, because it helps others feel better. However we are doing okay this holiday season, we still have a lot of medical bills, but shoot who doesn't, so trust me we are fine. If you would like to help Jude it would make us very happy if you adopted an angel in his name. You can go here:, and complete everything online.
you can also donate to Emily's Smile Boxes, and

We feel very blessed we have so many people concerned about Jude, and who are wanting him to come home. We cannot wait to have him home trust me!!

Ps. Mike just called and said Jude is awake, and active. He is not eating, but is awake.

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A Girl Named Me said...

I'm sure you'll feel better soon - getting to spend more time with your sweet baby. Hang in there. xo