Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A few lil updates, and an upset friend

Whew, I am no longer miserable so that means I am starting to heal, hooray! Jude still has a very croup sounding cough, so he is going to the doctor today at 11:30. Mike, and I are conscience of the fact that Jude is more susceptible to pneumonia, so we will always be cautious. Jude is still making progress eating solids, but it's only once or twice a day. Regardless we will take what we can get. He is also still drinking well, but is still a bit under what he should be taking each day. I remind Mike that Emily is a finicky eater too, so some children regardless of issues, are just different.

So my friend Jocalyn and Kendall wrote about an experience at a well known chain restaurant the other night. Out of respect for her I won't list the name of the company. You can read about her unfortunate experience here This post really touched me, because I felt her pain, and her emotions. We too visit local eateries if we venture out to dinner, because they seem to be more understanding. We visit One Fish Two Fish in Roanoke on a regular basis, because they have a little table in the back with a large space for Jude. The Dove Creek Cafe in Roanoke is so nice that they half our bill at times with a simple, "you guys are special". It's places like that with people in them that warm your heart, and ease your stress. That's why we frequent them so often, and tell others about them. Although, when you hear of ignorant people in other places it's so frustrating. We encounter ignorant people on a day to day basis so we special needs parents try not to get upset, but educate. In a situation like Jocalyn's where there are multiple people displaying stupid behavior there is little you can do, but get frustrated! I am sorry she went through this because her family is just so nice.

I will be sure to update regarding Jude's doctor visit. We are skipping speech therapy today so Jude can get in with the pediatrician. I hope everyone has an amazing New Year.

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Our Journey said...

so sad that she had to go through that!! it took me a while, but now i just have to speak up for my baby! we had an issue at a restaurant once, it wasnt the staff it was another customer.. they had the nerve to ask the waiter to tell us to leave because Frankie was "too loud"! little did they know, it was a good day for him!! they got a hand written note from me that day, written on a napkin with a crayon - hopefully they got the point!!!!!