Thursday, September 18, 2008


My platelets are at 197,000!!! HOORAY! So it was for sure pregnancy induced ITP and it's resolving. This is a relief as we no longer have to think about it being from another underlying source. Jude's neuro appt went as well as expected. The doctor said they are holding off until 3 months to do his MRI, but did assure us it had to be done. He also reviewed the sonogram sent form the hospital, and he said he doesn't really agree with their findings. He said he sees both hemispheres of the brain so it wouldn't be the horrible diagnosis the radiologist gave us. He said there may be fluid filling in the back of the brain, but that he doesn't see it. He said he is used to reviewing Mri's though. He said again that this is basically a waiting game of seeing if Jude hits his milestones. Currently, he is acting like a normal baby and therefore we know he has his basic abilities so it's the cognitive abilities that we will be watching for. Once Jude hits a milestone that's a little further we get in his progress, unless he reaches one and then loses it (which is worse than not reaching it). I explained that we were given a horrible outlook when he was in utero at 19 weeks and told he would be in a wheelchair, etc. He said that is doubtful, but we won't really know until he is of walking age. He said " can I assure you that he will have a normal life? No. He very well may have a normal life though... now will he go to Harvard? We cannot tell that either". So basically they just don't know, but they will watch his growing patterns. However right now they are deaming him normal. 

Anyway, I have been running 90 to nothing the past two days, and am exhausted but happy. I have to finish up some renewal calls for work, and I am determined to find the time to do that today or this weekend. Jude is currently watching Barney and very interested in!

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