Thursday, September 25, 2008


Well the baby is being fussy because he has issues with poopie pants...ugh! So we took a quick trip to the pediatrician today. Good news is he has gained weight and now weighs 8lbs and 4 ounces. His head is measuring 13 1/4 which means it has grown from birth which is good. I told him the neurosurgeon said he is only in the tenth percintile on his head. He looked at me and said "so what! So am I!" That's why I love this guy! So he then proceeded to tell me that it's really the trend of head growth not growth each time you go in. In other words you cannot place an exact measurement they should grow with each week. Also, I had forgotten to mention that I had talked to Dr graham who I just adore. He said to make sure I update him as Jude grows on his development so he can properly advise other families who ever deal with issues like this. Turns out my cousin has a friend who has a son with very similar issues. I believe she said he is 8 and he deals with some issues like anxiety, terets, etc. All manageable issues though, and he has full use of his motor skills. From further investigation the fornt of the brain seems to control your motor skills, and the back (where Jude's issues are) will control learning, etc. So it is just a waiting game. Anyway, as far as his poopie pants are concerned the dr put him on some mylanta to ease his little tummy, and said to feed him through this. I honestly think he picked up a little bug from Emily. He said the soy that he is eating is good for him though because lactose is hard to digest when you are sick to your tummy. Sad thing is I was doing that "am I just being a worried mommy" thing and thought he didn't have any issues at all. It should be something easy to clear up though, and the Dr even said he lookes GREAT!!! He said as long as a baby is eating a little diarreah is no big deal. So Em is being scolded to go do her chores. She is doing better, but I honestly from signs think the girl is about to hit a particular milestone in a womans life......SIGH! What's that about???? We were all much older and why are girls starting earlier now? Milk? chicken? I guess there are opinions everywhere. Explains the outbursts though, and I am sure having a little cuddly creature come into your life when you have been the only cuddly thing can be very trying.

So I am dieting my little butt off and well there seems to be a consiperacy against this post prego girl! (Staring blankly and blinking!). I remind myself it's only been three weeks like the Sarah's say IT'S BEEN THREE WEEKS GIRL! lol. Yeah, but what about those women who walk out a 2 when they just had a baby??? One girl on my board lost 34 pounds by her first OB appt. Really? I want to get those women in a room one day..............with a bat. jk! So anyway, I digress it seems that I am a true mom with motherly instincts because I knew there was something bothering Jude. He just didn't feel well and he is normally not very fussy. He is now playing happily under his Einstein mat so it seems the Mylanta made his little tummy feel better.

Oh I watched a story on Oprah yesterday about a woman that had a C-Section and caught a flesh eating bacteria. She ended up losing her uterus, ovaries, both legs, both arms, etc. UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot imagine! She is the epitomy of bravery though and I find her such an inspiration! I cannot imagine not holding my baby and loving him everyday. I cannot imagine not getting up and fixing Emily's hair everyday. She had a 9 year old girl, and a new baby too. So I guess people look within themselves when faced with adversity and reach down as far as they can and find their strength. We should all look around though regardless of our current issues, and be thankful for everything we have!

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