Thursday, September 18, 2008

Damn Vampires!

Well I have an issue with people taking my blood all the time so therefore I am about to invest in a necklace of garlic! I had to go give blood again today, and they were suppose to call me with the platelet count, but as of right now at 5:55 I have not heard from them. I am thinking it's safe to assume it will be tomorrow when they call. One would assume this means good news, but as proven in the hospital when I didn't find out until after the epi this is not always true. I am feeling pretty good though, and even got a great compliment today! The lady told me "Goodness I cannot believe how good you look after 2 weeks I still looked 6 months pregnant then". Yeah well I told her to wait until I stood up. I am actually ok with myself though, and my stomach is flatenning out! I just have about 40 pounds I want to lose and I want to be back to a size 6 (I am currently staring blankly at you blinking). Anyway, Jude has his neurosurgeon appointment tomorrow and for some reason I am very nervous about it!!! It is kinda making me a little sick feeling, and I am very glad Mike is going with us. I stopped by Gymboree today and got Em and Jude little outfits to wear for pictures. I took no note of Mikes no "ear" hats rule and bought him a little bear hat to match his overalls. I got rather discouraged when the 0-3 hat was to big for him and bought the "up to 7lbs" hat. I started worrying that maybe he does have a bit of microcephaly.......I cannot help these thoughts. When I got him home though I tried the hat on and it is probably starting to get a little small so I feel more relieved. Jude looks like he is trying to smile at you, but he doesn't have that control yet so his eyes just get kinda squinty it's pretty cute! Today I felt a bit overwhelmed for the first time, but that's to be expected with having a new baby. Jude gets up about 11 or 12, then at 2 or 3 and then again about 5:45 or 6. It takes him about an hour to finish eating, getting changed, and going back to sleep. So I sleep in the morning when he does which means we normally get up about 10. Which doesn't leave a lot of time for household chores, work, doctor appointments, baths, and laundry. So I HAD to do some renewal calls for work today, Jude needed a bath, and I had to get to the dctr appt. I had to get my tail home by 3 for Emily which was a race with the school bus. I actually pulled in behind the school bus, and could see her waving at me. So after the dctr I was stressed and that's why we went to Gymboree! Right now his big sister is finishing feeding him so I can have some me time :). Em is getting the hang of this baby thing and she is really good at it. Also currently our jack russell terrorists are fighting outside and they are about to get a wake up! So what a day! Oh and it's not over Em has gymnastics tonight, and somehow I still need to make it to the grocery store. What in the world am I going to do when I go back to work in November? (again staring at you blankly!!!) Everyone have a fabulous night, and say a few prayers for Jude's appointment tomorrow please.

My mom tortures me with hats!
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Jude and his big sis

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Holly Mackerel said...

I personally LOVE the ear hat LOL!

N&A's Mommy said...

That hat is precious! I too love hats on babies! :).
Brother/sis photo is so cute! Aren't they a cute pair? :)