Friday, September 5, 2008

Dr update

Well Jude was up most of the night so his jaundice is much better because he ate a lot! lol! He is precious though and we are loving him very much. The pediatrician looked him over again and said he looks great. We also updated him on what the neurosurgeon said. He replied that "we are treating him normal until HE proves us otherwise". I like this dr!
Emily is being very good with him, but I think she has been bitten by a bit of baby envy. She has not really been herself, but she is also a little stuffy. She has been pretty crabby and very smart alec. So I have tried to have sweet talks with her, be understanding, etc, and today I finally just ripped her a new one by telling her how she was acting and since then she has been an angel! I guess maybe she just needed to know she still has discipline and that she is always loved no matter what!!! Well here is an updated pic.

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Luane said...

Look at all the hair!!! He looks so big!!!

N&A's Mommy said...

Wow- he's got a full head of hair! He's a doll! Enjoy every minute of it.. they grow up so fast.