Friday, September 12, 2008


My family left this morning and Jude and I went back to sleep together until 10:30. I think I really needed the sleep and I feel more revived. Now I am just waiting on the plumber to come by, and then I am taking a bath. Jude is being good again today, but he is generally a good baby. Mike and I looked up baby milestones last night, and he seems to be meeting all his newborn ones. So therefore, I feel a bit better then I did last night. I am ready for Em to be home today so we can spend some time together. She is is still a little cranky and even texted me this morning asking if I was mad at her. Which of course I am not, and I think I have come to the conclusion she is going through some pre puberty stuff. I am in the process of planning her big 10 bday party! Her cousin brought her some signs and cards made by her old classmates at her old school and it made her day!!! I think she really misses her friends. It was such a big decision to move her to the school over here, and I guess maybe it was the wrong one. Then again she didn't like the teacher she was getting at the other one so there is never any right or wrong answer. So I was watching Deal or no Deal last night and I have decided I need to be on the show so I can make the money to pay off my bills from all! I seem to guess pretty well at the numbers. ha! Anyway, so i feel a little better today, and am in a better mood. I miss my family, but I love this lil boy laying here grunting in his bassinet!

Oh and what about this monster hurricane heading towards Tx? whoa! Everyone be careful.

Here is a picture of my BAD fat kitty who has taken over 1 of the baby changers! I guess it's his now.
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