Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I have a winky blog

Jude had an appointment with the pedi today. He now has the same statistics that match EXACTLY to what Emily did when she was born, and keep in mind his official due date was this past Sunday. He is 7lbs 13 ounces, 20 1/2 inches long, and has a 13 inch head. So in other words he would have pretty much matched his sister if he had been term. Anyway, the doctor said he is in the 25th percentile on everything which is great to hear. He also said he seemed very alert, and also seemed to be reaching his milestones. We will pray that will continue to be what we hear. The neurosurgeon had said before that this will basically be equivalent to someone that was in a car wreck. In other words we just need to wait and see how his brain will compensate and if there will be any issues. Little Jude also got his first shot and he was NOT happy at all......I held him close afterwards though and he quieted down. Poor little thing. Mike tells me I hold him too much, but I love to hold him. On a funny note Jude um discovered his winky today, and his dad was VERY proud....lol!!!!! I guess they find it at two weeks and never let go huh?

Anyway, Emily mentioned today that she doesn't really play with a lot of kids at recess which has me concerned again. I know that I should just have confidence that she will be just fine at this school, but part of me wants to put her back at LV. Just ugh.

This car seat makes him look like he has elephant ears.
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What did you say??
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