Saturday, September 13, 2008

First bath

Well Jude got his first bath today, and he didn't like it. It was cute though because he got as mad as can be when I put him down in the water. He was very cute in his little duck towel though, and he loves his lotion! You could probably massage him all day with lotion and he would be a happy camper. When he got out of the bath his hair was super curly, and when it dried it was not a very light brown. It was also very fuzzy and stuck up everywhere which was hilarious! He was mimicking me today when I started making little sounds at him which was also very cute!!! Emily helped me give Jude his bath, and she is such a big helper. So I am personally doing pretty well, but I do feel like people are watching me wondering if I will get post partum. I had it pretty bad with Emily, but so far I feel great with Jude. I get a little teary sometimes, but that is really just due to being exhausted. You can tell the days I have had no sleep the prior night. My only issue right now is a rash on my stomach which very well could be a reaction to the tapering of the steroids......who knows but it isn't really bothering me at all. I am still recovering and I have to rest, but I know that this time. Since this is my second baby I do things slower, let chores go if I need to, and don't get overly stressed if things don't go as planned. I am having issues pumping which I never had with Emily, but he gets fed so I don't freak out. The only thing I get a little stressed on is my looks and weight, but even then I know it will all come back. My cousin arranged for me to get a sewing machine and I am determined to start sewing next week!! I am also going to start doing some calls for work from home, but I am taking that slow as well because Jude comes first. Well I will post some pictures soon.

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