Monday, September 29, 2008


I was able to get some sleep this morning and it was greatness. I fed Jude at 7 and slept until 9 when he ate again, and then slept until 12. So I feel pretty caught up, and he is such a cute baby. Granted he is a little more fussy than Emily was, but sometimes that just happens. He is currently sitting with Mike watching football while I update my blog. So I need to set my 6 week follow up with my OB within the next two weeks and I am rather amazed time has flown so quickly. I am enjoying my time home with Jude and given the choice I would stay here, but I miss my work too and it would be ideal if I could bring Jude Seriously though it would be the perfect job! Jude is getting bigger and his head even looks bigger to me which makes me happy!!! I guess we will see, but still you can tell he is growing and the little toot just ate 5 ounces!!!!
So is anyone else sick of the election coverage? I will elaborate on this, but Jude is wanting my attention so we will talk more tomorrow.

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