Monday, September 8, 2008


Well today is Mike's last day home with us, and I will be sad to see him go back to work. He is such a big help with the baby because he takes him in the morning and let's me sleep. Jude did pretty well last night because he was up about every 3 hours which is better than the night before. My family is here now, and it's great to see them. It means a lot that they come in town since my mother passed when I was young. It's like having a part of her here. Which by the way, when we came home from the hospital someone had turned Jude's light on in his room and it wasn't us. Emmy is having a bit of a hard time with Jude. Well let me's not really Jude but all the changes. She has been a bit naughty lately and giving me a hard time. So we had a long talk last night and it turns out she is really jealous of him with Mike. I thought it was going to be about me, but it is the opposite. She believes that since he is Mike's real son he just won't love her the same. I assured her that is not the case, and Mike has decided to try to do date night with her. I think she is just very torn because she is so close to Mike, but also doesn't want to hurt her dads feelings. She is very close to her dad too so she has a hard time talking about her feelings with them. I assured her that her dad is a wonderful guy and will always listen to her feelings. She is just having a lil kid crisis and I know it's hard on her. She looked at me and said "You are the only person I trust". Then she said she had just lost a little happiness lately and was trying to find it again. UGH!!!!!!!!!! Poor lil thing. I know it's a big adjustment for her, but she is being SO good with him. She starts back to softball this week, and she is signing up for gymnastics so I am hoping that will help some. She is a big girl though and changed and fed Jude yesterday. The other thing is she gets really mad when people take the baby away from her, and that is pretty frequent with family in town. It will all be ok though because she is very loved and she knows that. Jude is loved too, and here is a pic my cousin took
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Luane said...

He looks just like your husband!

N&A's Mommy said...

I think most kids go through that- esp. if they are the oldest and were the only child until a new baby comes along. They are used to getting 100% of the attention- and even though they love the new baby... they have a little bit of a hard time sharing the attention. I remember when Ashlyn was born- Noah went through the exact same thing and I just sat there and cried one day because I felt sorry for him being the first born- getting all the attention and then having to share it with another child... it must be hard. I always tried to give him his own time with us too. But, you know- they adjust, and they are fine. It just takes a little time.