Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Well I was going to post last night about how wonderful I am feeling. I am glad I didn't because I am pretty sure I got hit by a mac truck today. If anyone was able to obtain the license plate please let me know. Whew, I am drained! I am still much better than I was when I gave birth to Em. I was just lifeless after I had her. The good thing is that Jude is a great baby! Today was his first day when he would get very angry for some reason whether it is eating or wanting to be changed. He is gaining weight for sure, and still looks so healthy to me. I guess no matter what though he will always be normal to us. My family is still here, and they are going with me to the doctor appointments that riddle the rest of the week. It has been nice having help here for sure! It's hard to get the time or energy to do the laundry, dishes, etc and so to have some here that does that kind of work is great!! It's also nice that everyone doesn't try to take the baby from me, because a lot of people who give birth have family that comes to stay who just want to play with the baby. Well the mom wants the baby...lol! The mom needs help cleaning, cooking, etc and help with the lil one. So I am lucky I have a family that understands that. Overall I have felt pretty good. The back of my left leg was hurting REALLY bad so I am pretty sure that is from the birth. Em is doing much better today, and my aunt took her shopping for her birthday. My grandmother is currently feeding Jude and he is being pretty cute. I missed Mike today, and for the first time felt like I was getting a little bit of the blues. I think it's just because I am so close to him that when he isn't around during this time of our lives I feel a little down. I really think it's just because I am super tired though. Well everyone have a fabulous day!!!!!!!!!

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