Thursday, September 30, 2010

Update number 4 billion.......jk

The nurse practitioner just came in and talked with us for awhile. She was very nice, and knowledgeable! She said they are going to keep Jude another night in PICU. They will be starting a slow feed of Pedialyte today though his tube to see if he can tolerate it. They don't want him retching with the stitches in place. She also seemed concerned about the three hour seizure, but not concerned about the fever. She said they will be doing a medication level test to make sure his levels are okay and his liver is holding up. She also explained that Jude has tested positive for Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus ( Basically we all carry staph in our body, but Jude has a form that is resistant to many antibiotics. They explained it can be common in children that spend a lot of time in the hospital. She said they do not normally treat this form of staph, but if Jude presents with any type of bacterial infection they will treat it with very powerful antibiotics immediately. She said generally there isn't an issue, but this form of staph can cause problems quickly. The amount of Morphine they are giving Jude is so small they don't think it's the cause of the seizures. Also, it is keeping him calm, it's when he gets upset that he goes into the full blown seizure.

I have put an email into Jude's wonderful neurologist letting him know we are here so he can stop by and see Jude. I have to go home later today because I have to work tomorrow, boy that's going to be really tough. Mike is staying the night..........seeing him sleeping in the two chairs pushed together should be rather comical. I should take a picture!

I will be anxious to get back up here tomorrow night, and be with Jude. Jude is continuing to rest. His respiratory rate is fairly low but they assure us that is just from the pain medication.

Ps ~ I cannot use my cell phone in the PICU, I can only text.

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Tami and Bobby Sisemore Family said...

prayers continue! So sad they don't have someplace for yall to sleep?? weird. I gues I am happy for our hospital here. We had an uncomfortable padded bench in PICU and couch in peds and though not comfortable WAY better than 2 chairs :(

Where do yall live?? We are in Louisiana, am so praying God sends us a better and closer Neuro. We drive 2 hours and are not happy with ours for Jeremiah.

Bless yall,