Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Surgery Scheduled

The doctor's office just called. Jude's surgery is set for Wednesday 9/29. We have to be there at 7am for blood work, so I am assuming the surgery will be about 9:30. They said they will be moving him post op to the PICU, and the length of his visit depends on how well he responds. She was very nice, and said they will be watching his respiratory rate due to the recent lung issues. They want to make sure he responds well during, and after the surgery. We didn't expect his surgery to get moved up so quickly, but we trust the doctor. If he says he believes it's vital we get this done before the end of next week, then we believe he is right.

So no, this isn't the way we thought this surgery would take place, but we have faith Jude will pull through just fine. I will be grateful to get this tube out of his nose, and I hope Jude isn't in a lot of pain. Jude will be in capable hands at Dallas Medical City children's hospital. Their new facility is amazing. We will keep everyone updated s much as we can the day of the surgery. Right now they are saying they will put in the mic key if they can, but Jude may be coming home with just the tube at first. As long as we can control his pain, we can handle anything.

Sometimes I wonder how we will explain to Jude that he will be in pain, and if he will understand. I guess all we can do is console him with our voices. I hope he understands no one is doing this on purpose.

Look how big Jude has gotten!
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Anonymous said...

I will keep Jude in my prayers. We didn't get to come home with the Mic-Key right away either, the tube was a good friend that we were happy to see leave after a few months but it was a relief to have a new plan of action.

Keep strong, you are doing a GREAT job!