Thursday, September 23, 2010

A lot of updates, and pictures

Jude threw up again this morning, and successfully threw up the tube. The nurse is there, so she, and Mike will put the tube back in about three pm. They got him on his side pretty quickly so they don't believe there was any aspiration that took place. I am getting everything in place for the surgery next Wed. I have Emily's schedule ironed out on sleep overs, and our dog Bigs below will be going to my aunts house. He really is a cootie patootie, but he looks so funny in pictures. He is only about 4 pounds, and is 4 years old. Yes, only 4 pounds........yet he thinks he is a Doberman.

Last night when I got home they had started on converting Jude's room. My great family is having this done for a Christmas present. SO my dining room is now viola......Jude's room! They should have it finished by Friday. I took a few pictures so everyone could see the before, and after. The carpenter has enclosed the area leading to the dining room, is installing the doors, and the flooring. Mike is going to texture, paint, and paint the doors. I think it will look great, and give Jude lots of room for all his therapy, and medical supplies.

After I inspected the great new room we all decided to get out for a bit. We had to run by home depot for supplies, so we decided to grab a bite to eat while we were out. We decided to try a new place in Roanoke called "Bricks", not only was it fabulous, but the owner was so accommodating with Jude. We didn't get any funny looks, or stares at his tube, but rather the staff very concerned that we were having a nice time. The owner even took a picture of all of us together (Jude was asleep).

I have been trying to lose weight, and get in shape, but I think my pictures are looking like all boobs again, ha! Darn surgeon! Anyway, we won't travel down that road again. The point is that I highly recommend this quaint little place. It has roll back windows in the front, so on a nice night, like last night the front of the restaurant is completely exposed. Downtown Roanoke is becoming like Deep Ellum restaurant row in Dallas, but with a hometown feel. I love it. Plus, it's affordable.

So Emily had a really bad day yesterday. It was the first day that I have ever wanted to just cuddle her up, and take the emotional pain away from preteen issues. First of all, she has been wanting to run for student council, and has been arriving early on Wednesday mornings for the meetings. Well after Jude's hospital stay we headed back home, and I am sure you remember we were all sleepless. Due to exhaustion I failed to get Emily, and her friends to a vital Student council meeting. She came to us the other night, and told us she didn't think she would be able to run for office because she missed that meeting. We gave her the opportunity to go to the teacher, and explain the situation to see if anything could be done. Emily did this, but the teacher told her that she needed "responsible" people to run student council that would make every meeting. When Emily tried to explain what happened the teacher responded that she was busy, and didn't have time to listen. Now let me point something out here, I do NOT expect Emily to get preferential treatment due to her situation. Although, I also DON'T expect my child to be told she is irresponsible, or have that insinuated. I also expect a teacher to treat my child with respect, and listen to what she has to say, or if busy, schedule a conference time for later in the day. To say the least, I was upset, but Mike was more upset. Mike actually got very choked up over the phone to me, saying Emily is the most responsible kid he knows, and it wasn't fair. So we have a meeting pending with the school, and had a wonderful chat with the principal yesterday. I don't think the teachers actions were intentional, but nevertheless, they hurt Emily.

Second issue. Anyone love Sex and the City, as much as me? Remember the episode where Carrie's boyfriend broke up with her via post it note? Emily got a text ...... A TEXT, last night from her little boyfriend that said, "we have to break up, sorry". I am going to cut the kid some slack here because he is only in sixth grade, but the fact Emily had no clue why.. really upset her. I reassured her that she is a beautiful young lady with a lot to offer. I also told her she is in sixth grade so just concentrate on schoolwork. I think her main concern for having a "boyfriend", was having a date to their dance in October. I assured her that sixth grade love turns like the tide, and she will have someone else in no time. I am sure we all remember "going with" someone which really just consisted of sitting together at lunch. Poor Em, she had a rough night!

Who could resist this face?

I forgot to mention that the other day at the pediatricians office he looked at Mike and said "So you put this tube in and out". Mike said "Yes I do". He replied "wow, this is really hard when it's NOT your kid, I cannot imagine when it is." Mike reminded him why we need the nurse.


Midwest Mommy said...

Let us know what happens at school. That just isn't right.

Anonymous said...

you look so much like your daughter in this picture. pretty. i read your posts everyday and i enjoy them. keep on posting and keep on with that sweet little boy of yours. you all are doing great!