Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Jude update ........ lost track of the number

I am at work, and I need toothpicks for my eyelids. Luckily we are fairly busy so I have been able to stay awake. I pretty much just sat at home last night in front of the computer, and bawled my eyes out for hours. I guess I needed it, and it was probably therapeutic, but I am paying for it today. I feel like I have been hit by a truck, not to mention I really want to be with Jude. I feel like the mom should always be there.

Mike called me early this morning, and said Jude turned the corner last night, thank GOD! He is off all oxygen, and maintaining a blood oxygen level of 96, which is good. They even took Jude off his IV. He did throw up his feeding tube again about 4am, along with all the food they had given him. Jude feels the tube in his throat, which makes him cough, which hurts, and that in turn makes him so mad he throws up. Mike is holding off on reinserting the NG tube for right now. This is why.....Mike, and I both don't believe Jude is aspirating. Aspiration normally shows in the top of the lung vs the bottom of the lung. Jude's infection shows as streaks through both bottom lungs. An aspiration also normally presents with a mass vs streaks. So we requested a suck swallow test today, which the doctor happily complied with. We both really feel like this was started by the virus, and it in turn caused the secondary bacterial infection. Jude's immune system is weak, and it's hard for him to fight everyday issues that we don't have problems with. If the suck swallow test comes back alright we will continue to try to bottle feed until Jude gets the G button. If he fails the test than we will continue with the NG tube. We will also take all the equipment home with us, because if he stops eating again, we will administer the tube regardless.

So the doctor said we were "parent diagnosing", but it seems our "parent diagnosing" was accurate. After the two doses via IV of the antbiotic Jude is looking like himself. I am very thankful Jude is getting better, it was a big scare! I am also thankful for all the wonderful nurses, respiratory therapists, and doctors that assisted him. We had a plethora of people in, and out of his room today. As a follow up I also put a call into his neurologist requesting that he call the hospital to have a felbatol level, and liver enzyme blood work ordered.

Mike is surprisingly holding up very well. I think he has had such anxiety for so long regarding feeding Jude by tube, that now that it's here he has stepped up. He is holding up remarkably well, and I am very proud of him.


Debbie said...

I can only imagine how exhausted you must be...mentally and physically!

Hudson had the NG for some time before having the surgery and I always felt it caused more irritation for him with the throat, secretions, etc.

Glad to hear you are sticking with your gut feeling on everything...

will keep your family in my prayers.

Pam said...

I don't get why the doctor even stated you two were "parent diagnosing". This is the gut feeling we as parents get and it usually is correct. Only you and Mike know your son better than ANYONE else. You may not have the medical degrees but the knowledge you have about your son is priceless!