Monday, September 27, 2010

The room, and the dead monkey

Holy Moly batman, it's been very busy at work today! I haven't had time to think, much less breath. I am taking a few minutes of break time to blog right quick while I catch my breath. Saturday Jude pulled a good one on us, he decided he wasn't going to sleep. We put him down at 11:30, but he only slept until 1am. He was then up from 1am until 6:30am, I couldn't believe it! We have been using the melatonin for some time now, so I was a bit shocked he refused to sleep. I had a Scentsy party the next day to run so I stayed awake with Jude, while Mike slept. I didn't want Mike to be grumpy from lack of sleep while I was away. Jude also had a few more battles with throwing up this weekend, but he never got the tube up. Our nutritionist visited today for the first time since the hospital discharge. She said she is amazed Jude got sent home with an NG tube, because of the complete fail of the suck swallow test. She said the NG tube leaves open consistent possibilities of aspiration. I know the doctors, the nutritionst, the specialists, and more all debate over what is safe, what is right, and what isn't. So who knows.

We have noticed Jude really looking at us lately, and he will follow someone with his eyes as they walk by. This is a huge step because he never followed us before. I am still working with him on grabbing his rattles. He will not reach for them, but I can put them in his hand, and wrap his fingers around the handles. He will keep them in his hand for a few minutes before dropping them. Mike continued working on Jude's room this weekend, and it's almost complete. He is finishing out the walls, hanging the ceiling fan, and floating out the floor. He also decided to paint the ceiling a midnight blue, and he wants to put stars in the ceiling for Jude to look at while he sleeps. I think this is a great idea. I have to praise my cousin for the contractors she sent over. Mike said they were "really really good" which is a huge compliment because he critiques contractors hard.

So Saturday night we were sitting there watching the movie I blogged on, and I looked down and saw Bigs.....caught in the act. That's right, he had killed his monkey, tore his eyes out, all his stuffing, and left the poor monkey for dead.

Tomorrow I need to pack for the hospital, and Emily is going to my cousins house. We have all our instructions for where to go on Wednesday morning, and we found out the surgery will be at 10am. 


Midwest Mommy said...

Oh the poor monkey, lol

Pam said...

My prayers for your family and Jude. I'll keep you in mind Jude and send positive thoughts your way from California!

Kim said...

My daughter and I are praying for you,sweet Jude.We are also sending positive thoughts your way for your entire family.Biggs, you appear to have some anger management issues!