Wednesday, September 29, 2010

PICU Update 2

I have settled in for the night with Jude. Unfortunately there is only two chairs in Jude's room so I plan on pulling them together for a make shift bed. The doctor came in a bit ago to observe Jude. He says if all goes well they will move Jude to a regular room tomorrow. When I came into Jude's room for the first time today he had a very large oxygen mask on, and they explained he was having some issues so they were leaving it on. He has now graduated to the nasal canalise (sp?) to supply oxygen, which he likes better. I think he was sick of that large makes because it kept pushing his eyes down.

Jude can have morphine every two hours, and the medication wears off EXACTLY every two hours. The nurse came in earlier, and Jude was in a full backbend screaming and losing oxygen again. I said "Hi I am Jude and my drug of choice is Morphine". She cracked up, and gave him his meds right away, and Jude settled down. Poor baby, I hate that he is hurting so much. He also gave the nurse a big scare with elevating his heart rate to 207.  

He has stitches around the tube sight, and three small incisions that are taped. We have his little sleep sheep here that sounds like a whale, and his Scout the dog that sings his night night songs. He likes both of those, and they seem to soothe him a bit.  

I am alternating between the computer, my book, and the TV when Jude is sleeping. The staff is very nice so that makes things run a lot smoother. I am proud that my little fighter is being so tough. His coloring looks better since the surgery, and I think he will graduate to his big boy room tomorrow.

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Pam said...

I am so happy to hear your little man is doing well! Wishes for a speedy recovery for Jude, and some rest for you! God bless!