Thursday, July 31, 2014


Jude's tone is still really terrible. He had Valium today which really seemed to help, but he is toned out again. Thank you great Canada nurse for your response and I wondered if this was a build up of Baclofen. He does gasp for air like the Baclofen is causing his muscle to relax in his throat to much. However, if anyone knows if the Baclofen builds up wouldn't it cause an overdose? Wouldn't Jude show signs of having to much of the medication in his system?

He is pretty warm tonight but his temp is only 99.4. He is smiling which is great!!!

Ps. I think I hate Baclofen (lol...kinda).

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Micernice said...

Hi again again! The build up of baclofen would actually cause an underdose because it isn't being absorbed in the spinal canal. So his tone would be increased (he'd be more spastic). On the other hand, he wouldn't have any of the other side-effects of baclofen (like constipation). So I guess that theory, now that I really think about it, doesn't explain everything... Sorry :o( Again, I hope he is better soon!