Saturday, July 26, 2014

Jude's update

Jude still has to lay mostly as flat as possible due to the spinal fluid leak. People keep saying they are seeing a change in the bump, but when I go to change his's the same. I have confidence it will heal on it's own but right now the swelling is still there.

Jude did well today, but he did present with a few things. His heart rate is running high to me at 146 or higher. His pulse ox is great at 100!!! However, his neck is very tight and toned. His axillary temp is 98.7 and he is presenting with new seizures. I don't like these seizures. He seems to be holding his breath and staring off for a long time and it's scaring me a bit. I am trying to envision Dr Riela's voice saying "eh it's just abnormal brain activity and if it gets out of control we have medication".

In regards to the nursing issue we learned it was the lack of Jude's seizures (because he is heavily medicated) and the lack of an overnight feeding (which he has back on) that caused the company to deny nursing hours. If it came down to it I am sure I could be Jude's personal care assistant, but would he be as well taken care of? I would like to think so but our nurses are well trained. I can point out issues and they will monitor Jude like a hawk and let me know and the mere suggestion there might be something forming. I truly believe that's why Jude is still with us and been able to overcome his illnesses. They can listen to lung sounds and here the very infiltration of aspiration. Wish us luck fighting to get the with us.

I hooked Jude's monitor up overnight so I could watch him. I am sure he will be great.

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