Sunday, July 13, 2014

A little update

Mike and I got out for a bit today when the nurse got here. We went about 45 minutes away to the compound pharmacy to get Jude's medication to stimulate his bowels. We then had lunch and picked up some items for the dogs. It was nice to spend some time together. We joked with each other and played a lot of Words With Friends.

Tonight I picked Jude up so he could lay across my lap like he normally does and Mike moved his feeding IV closer to me. Jude smiled, laughed, and babbled to me. It was so sweet!! You could tell that Jude was truly happy.  After about an hour I noticed that Jude started heating up......his head was really warm. Rather than take a temp I asked Mike to get me Motrin and I noticed Jude was starting to laugh a lot (remember this is an abnormal brain response). I should have taken his temp!! UGH! Hindsight 20/20.

I decided it was time to put Jude to bed. So I gathered his Depakene (seizure med), his felbatol (seizure med), his Klonnopin (sedative), his antibiotic to stimulate his bowels, and his medication to relieve any cramps. I made sure his feeding bag was full for the continous feed and then I took his temp. That's probably 30 minutes after the Motrin was given and it was 99.5 axillary, crap. Not to mention he has had a lot of diarrhea. So it's something to watch and something I sigh about! He is happy, smiling, and had very flushed cheeks. His pulse ox is a little lower than normal, but his heart rate is better than last night. Like I always say medicine is your best educated guess.

Allen the nurse noticed today how limber Jude's legs and arms are. I sure hope so because this Baclofen pump has been a nightmare and something I hope Jude doesn't have reoccuring issues from.

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