Friday, July 11, 2014

The run down

You know when you have those nights where you stumble into work and say "my kid didn't sleep well". What you mean is your child may have gotten up 2-3 times and it disrupted your sleep so you are really tired. When I say Jude was awake all night long .........I so mean ALL night long. Jude cried or laughed the entire night and well into the morning. The laughing has been determined to be abnormal brain activity like a response to pain. When Jude cried he would just wail! They tried Motrin and when it didn't work they moved on to Tylenol. I had requested they hold the Tylenol to see if he could have Loratab but they had to get something in him. It didn't work. Also, Jude did vomit at midnight so I immediately asked them to give the Zofran to preserve the other nourishment he had received. Luckily it worked!

The nurse had paged the pediatric on call doctor and she came in to see Jude first thing this morning. She said that the good news is that for the most part Jude is still tolerating his feeds. So they will be increasing the rate of the food today but not the concentration. They will do that as soon as I can get away from work and get over there. That way I can be there in case he vomits and I need to suction. The doctor said the pain could be a few things but she doesn't think it's related to the surgical site. This could be related to his intestines getting restarted. So she ordered a medication for cramping, the Loratab, and she ordered a small dose of Morphine to give him immediate relief. It took about 15 minutes but then the Morphine kicked in and Jude went fast to sleep. So I tucked him in and told him I would be back in a little while. Emily is there with him sleeping next to him on the couch. She is listening to his alarms and if he needs to be suctioned. She has been a HUGE help during this ordeal and at only 15 she is very mature. If you are a friend of hers you might text her hello today. It's pretty boring at the hospital hence the reason she started Emily's Smile Boxes.

I also noticed that Jude just doesn't smell well. I know that sounds WEIRD, but it's true. It's not just from laying in the bed either because I personally gave him a scrub down with baby soap last night. He is also sweating through his gowns and running that low grade fever. It got to 100.1 last night. The hospital doesn't consider that a fever, but for Jude I consider it one. I don't know if any of those issues roll into what his problem is, but it's worth mentioning.

So good news and not so good news. It's basically a waiting game. They already said we will be there through the weekend, but their goal is to get him home. He will heal better and do better at home. If he is in extended next week then we will be enlisting help again.

Also you know you have a good bank when you go through the drive through and they come out to give you a hug because they have been reading your blog. So nice.

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Reagan Leigh said...

Ok, so Reagan does the exact sane thing with the constant laughing or crying! We also think it's just some strange way that she deals with pain/discomfort. And (as you already read on our blog) she also gets that weird smell we call "bad day smell". It's not at all associated with lack of cleanliness...because you can bathe her and wash her hair and still smell it 30min later (it's the worst on her head). None of doctors have figured out what it is, but it does seem worse on days when she's having temperature regulation issues and sweating profusely. So similar (in all the bad ways)! :(