Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Thank you!

I have had a very blessed night. I am so super happy that Jude is back home that I haven't said much about how exhausted I am. I guess I didn't need to say it!  I walked into the house tonight and there was my adorable friend Gina L cooking dinner! She had done my dishes and was just there to give some hugs. In addition my friend Kelly has texted, called, and more! The topper on the night was when I opened a card from my aunt Caron that had some funds to take care of our groceries. I sold my pageant so I was financially okay. However after I paid off refunds I needed to send, upcoming obligations, that didn't leave much left over so it's like she was psychic. We also found out we will probably have to cover Jude's transportation ride. So I just smiled when I saw her card. She is very wise and once told me.........just accept it. People want to help so let them because it makes them feel better. So I accepted it. I felt so bad because she had donated 75 chocolate bars towards my pageant that won't take place, but I can roll them over to Emily's 9/21 charity event and they are so yummy that everyone will love them! Keeping a healthy balance between help and your pride is a challenge.

Jude was up last night so late and Charlotte told me he slept until 11:45 today. She said she kept checking his pulse/ox every thirty minutes and just decided he was tired. Overall he seems very well tonight and his congestion is a lot better!

I just wanted to post a quick blog about how thankful I am for people's support, prayers, food, and more. Sometimes people's generosity is overwhelming.

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Anonymous said...

I'm Mike's old friend. I pray for your sweet family always! I think you're amazing, J. I couldn't be happier for Mike. I know people say they pray for this or that, but I truly pray for Juders daily. What a blessing he is. I love him! Tonight, your post had me grinning! God is always right on time, so you are wise to accept help when it is given. ❤️❤️😘
Jenn Lunos Dennen