Thursday, July 17, 2014

The Boppy is a fabulous invention!!!

Today Emily received a sweet email from a young man on her charity's facebook (Emily's Smile Box Inc). He said he wanted to start something like she did, but wasn't sure what to do. So we asked him if he had any ideas, but he was a bit lost.

So I wanted to share something we learned from this past hospital visit. There is one invention we brought with us to both hospitals that literally EVERY nurse commented on. Drum roll................

The infamous.........Boppy

Throughout Jude's life we have used many boppy's! I have learned that you can find them at resale shops for about $3! They are literally amazing for positioning and great for keeping a disabled child in position. They are comfortable, not over heating, and really a God send! When you are at the hospital the nurses try to make a "nest" out of towels and blankets. It generally always falls apart so they were ever so grateful for Jude's boppy! To be honest it wasn't just the nurses.....even Jude's surgical team took his boppy back with them and the paramedics in the transport ambulance LOVED it.

So here is a challenge.........the Boppy challenge. When Jude is in the hospital he always get's a "Prayer Bear". It's from a group of people that gather bears and have them blessed at altars at local churches (truly touching) and they are so loved! The Boppy challenge could be new Boppy's purchased and dropped off at local hospitals for babies, toddlers, and the disabled. Each patient could get their own. Maybe a little note attached that says "Blessings from the Boppy challenge!". Maybe even the company that manufactures Boppy could get involved?

They truly are a blessing!!!! You can't even imagine who amazing it is to have an IV in your child's foot and you can position them in a boppy with a pillow underneath that elevates the foot......or maybe you actually can picture it?

Maybe someday we can get an Emily's Smile Boxes boppy. Little ones for NICU and bigger ones for older disabled children. Tiny Boppy's for Arm Iv's? They are a brilliant invention and so dearly appreciated by those of us who are frequently positioning children at night and in the hospital. I am currently looking at Jude resting on his Futon laying on his pillow, positioned in his Boppy, and his tube feed flowing.

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