Thursday, July 10, 2014

FINALLY some good news!!!!

Per my prior post they started Jude on a continous feed that included diluted formula and the antibiotic. He has kept it down, but the even better news is HE POOPED! I know that sounds gross, but it's huge to us. Prior to this the formula or pedialyte just seemed to be sitting in his stomach and never digested so hours later he would throw it up. This means what he has been eating today has DIGESTED!

Oh my gosh I hope tonight goes well!! If it does I think we will be out of here on Saturday!! We will go home with our nurses since Jude is still very ill and recovering from his surgery.

Oh I hope this is it!

Thanks for everyone's prayers!!!! Let's hope tomorrow's blog update is just as positive. I will check back in 12 hours.

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