Sunday, August 3, 2014

Same song different verse........

So Jude's tone has gotten so much worse! Tonight he threw up violently several times. I gave him a bath to clean him up. However Jude's tone was just terrible and he ended up getting Valium. After he had the Valium Jude was back to his old self. He was relaxed in my arms, smiling, sweet, and then he went fast asleep.

Mike and I both agree Jude just hasn't been the same since the surgery. He just hasn't been and I am rather tired of hearing "it may just take awhile". It's been over a month and something is just not right. I miss my little Jude.

I am going to call the neurologist tomorrow and see what needs to be done. I have a sneaking feeling that there is Baclofen leaking out of Jude's catheter and this is going to have to be fixed. In other words it's not spinal is indeed Baclofen. I hope that for once my mommy intuition is wrong and that it is just going to "take awhile".

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