Thursday, August 7, 2014

A quick grumpy update

We are going home again! They believe the culture of blood yesterday may have been contaminated. So they took more blood and they will wait to see if it grows. She said they wanted to see him in person to see if he looked like he had a blood infection. Well great thanks for scaring the living shit out of me and not explaining before hand. A simple "we think it's just contaminated" would have been great rather than "this is an emergency get here now!".

Next issue is Jude does have a "conductive" (hope that's the right word) issue with his heart and his heart rate is still running high. So he has to see a cardiologist for an echo. When? Sigh. I did ask if chronic lung disease can cause the issues she is seeing. She said there are actually two issues with his heart. On one issue it probably is the lung disease taking it's toll but the other issue is normally congenital. Man I am tired of "normally". It would be great to hear this is the issue and this is how we are fixing it.

So we go home and watch him. I am not sure if I should be relieved or pissed. Maybe both?
Sorry grumpy! Forgive misspells I am on my phone

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