Thursday, August 28, 2014

My throw back Thursday and the nursing wait

It's been a hard week for me emotionally. I guess I am just a big cry baby or I have hit a wall. I did follow up today with the hearing officer, but I was told there has been no communication from the doctor representing the case about the nurse. I did confirm they received and uploaded all of my information. I also confirmed that 38 pages from Jude's nursing agency were received and uploaded. The information from the nursing agency notes all the interventions, heart issues, and more. So let's all pray this works out.

Jude went back to the doctor today. This time Mike took him and Mike expressed our concerns regarding Jude's health He let them know that Jude had more issues yesterday. He also let them know if we had known this was even a remote possibility with the pump we would not have moved forward with the surgery. We did research online but there was nothing associate with the pump in regards to Jude's issues that we read. They did more X rays today. They are looking at the pump, the catheter, and Jude's lungs. We are waiting for the results which I was told were "sent to the doctor for review".

I was looking at some old pictures today and I found two adorable ones from when the kids were younger. I sometimes wonder how close Jude and Emily would be if he was "normal". Emily cares about her brother deeply and has learned so much from him. More than she will probably ever learn in her lifetime. She has learned compassion, patience, and not to mention the vast medical experience. However, the thought is there. I wonder if he would get on her nerves like little brothers do or if they would be inseparable. Emily always had a knack for positioning herself with Jude to make it look like he was truly participating in their pictures. I never asked her to......she just knew. In the first picture Jude was postured to the left. Emily snuck in beside him, grabbed his hand, and got him to smile. In the last picture I laid Jude beside her and when she saw he was asleep she asked for a picture and closed her eyes too. I will decide to be happy for these moments and all the moments after.

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