Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The mystery of Jude

Jude's oxygen level kept dipping again last night. I have no idea what is going on with that. I try not to put to much stock into the machine, but it's obvious it's not a mechanical glitch. His heart rate stays elevated and when you turn him the oxygen stays about the same (low). So it's not a connection issue. It took us about another hour of situating him to get him to a stable level and he drifted off to sleep. What does this mean? No clue! I don't think it constitutes an emergency or panic it's just something else to watch. I put a call into his pulmo just to let them know. He doesn't need oxygen to eventually get him stable so maybe it's a baclofen issue or something residual from the surgery.

People ask me how Jude is. I have literally gotten to the point that I don't know how to respond so today I just started replying "a mystery, but happy!". I think that sums it up. He isn't in the hospital, he is happy, but there are issues we are watching.

I just sat on my bed this morning when my alarm went off for work. I wondered why people in situations like ours cannot magically find the money to pay off their mortgage. If I could do that I could STAY HOME. Then I kicked myself in the ass and reminded myself I should be really thankful I have a job. I drug myself out of bed, didn't fix my hair, threw on my clothes, kissed my kids goodbye, and ran out the door.

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Reagan Leigh said...

Is he laying on his side? Reagan's O2 always drops substantially when she's laying on her side (or has her head tilted to the side). She'll go from 99-100 to 90-92 just like that! I don't know why that affects her breathing so much but it does. As far as staying home...it doesn't really solve any of your problems!! I still get up at 6am and wrestle my toddler all day long and worry that I'm not spending enough time with Reagan! It's a stressful life!!