Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Drum roll....the good news and the bad news.

Jude is still a mystery! Mike said when they took Jude back his heart rate was up to 196 and his o2 had dropped to 88 with 3 liters of oxygen (insert a grimace). However, they got his o2 stable! His respiratory rates are still high and his heart rate is still high. They wanted to admit Jude based on this information, but Mike said if this is just due to oxygen we don't want that. If we admit Jude we take the risk of him getting worse by catching something within the hospital. Hospitals can be great places but they crawl with germs.

Mike explained to the ER doctor that I had called THREE doctors today including our pulmo just to inform them of Jude's condition. I told each one of them I was not panicked and I didn't feel like this was an emergency but it's concerning. It was the neuro that said get to the ER now. Jude is not a normal little boy so he is going to set off alarms on machines. It's being capable enough to know not to panic and to decipher the entire situation. You take into consideration the machine, manual stats, and Jude's overall condition. Jude can have a o2 stat of 89 but look great.  If we feel the combined situation warrants a call then we make it. So when the pulmo said Jude doesn't warrant oxygen and he feels we should just watch him I got a little professionally miffy and explained in an oh so kind way that I felt like he WASN'T LISTENING! He is a kind man so don't get me wrong I just don't think he understood the scope of the situation and that we have a nurse with Jude during the day.  I am sure he sees lots of panicked mothers who hover around pulse ox machines. That's not us. So Mike explained to the ER doctor that we reached out for oxygen prior to coming in and well........she wasn't happy. She called the doctor herself and received the same reaction we got. She said "this boy is having respiratory distress with labored breathing". She explained the entire situation and then well then he agreed Jude needs oxygen. SO there we go.

So right now I am waiting on a call from Mike, but my guess is that Jude is coming home tonight. If they cannot get him oxygen tonight then my guess is he may come home tomorrow. The doctor knows we have home health care (which we are fighting to save) and again we are medically capable. If there is an emergency we call 911 or run him into Roanoke FIRE which is 2 minutes away.

We knew Jude would eventually need oxygen. I am hoping he outgrows it. So is this baclofen relaxing the lungs, is there something we aren't seeing, is something stressing Jude's body out, or is this the leak. Your guess is as good as mine and all the doctors too.

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Renga said...

I don't know you much except for following your blog the past few weeks. All I want to do is reach thru the computer monitor and give you a hug. You are dealing with so much.I don't think I have one bit of courage as you to deal with situations that you are dealing with. Your maturity, calmness and postivity amazes me. Stay strong as you are now. Things will improve. You are an inspirations to many moms out there