Monday, November 29, 2010

A weekend, and a rant

The holiday weekend was very nice, we were busy, but it was nice. Jude was super cute all weekend, and gave me lots of smiles. Last night we watched "The Back Up Plan", and I would give Jude kisses during the movie, and he would just smile at me. Jude also played a game with me over the weekend. I would place him on his tummy, and ask him to raise his head. Every time he raised his head up I gave him big kisses on his cheeks. He loved this, and would lift his head up over and over, until he just got to tired to do it anymore.

So I do have a rant. I have mentioned before that I no longer have a group health plan at my work. Therefore, I had to obtain individual health insurance. I know I am an insurance agent, but I would in P+C, and life, NOT HEALTH. Let me tell you what a crock of poo Individual health plans are. I went to the doctor for the first time on this plan a couple of weeks ago. Over the weekend I received a letter stating they were requesting records from any doctor I have seen int he past five years. Why? because the doctor marked I had "fatique". Let's not go into the fact I haven't slept correctly since 08, but I had a virus.......isn't that a symptom? I am so annoyed! So I called the insurance company this morning, and she said this wouldn't be a normal routine, but if they find anything they may provide additional exclusions. Well I listed everything, but can you imagine if they started excluding everything that was wrong with me when I was pregnant? Oh, and not to mention individual plans no longer cover maternity even with a rider, nor do they cover birth control. So I feel like the decision was made for me regarding having more kids, and then what do people do to prevent it? Boy, health insurance is messed up if you don't have a group plan!!! Don't even get me started on finding insurance for Jude. Without a group plan he gets medicaid, and that's it. So what's the solution? Mike could look for a job that offers group health, but then we are back in the position of who takes Jude to his doctor, and therapy? So where exactly was the reform? The cost of this individual plan is sky high, they can exclude whatever they want, and there seems to be no proper regulation regarding the entire health industry.

Anyway, Jude seems to be thriving since his G Button surgery, and we hope this continues. They are going to start working with Jude at his therapy on communication. I will be anxious to see if he responds in any manner.


jocalyn said...

yeah...that "reform" doesn't start for another then it will all change again thanks to recent elections, and we'll be right back where we are now. not to mention the fact that rick perry has been running his mouth about eliminating medicaid in texas...then what!?! we (meaning parents of kids with disabilities)will be screwed.

sarah said...

I feel for you on the health insurance thing. Me and my younger two kids had to go without insurance for a year due to a screw up at my husband's job. We looked into an individual policy, but it would have been like $400/month PLUS co-pays any time we needed to see the doctor. My older son got approved for a medicaid waiver to cover his psychiatric and developmental issues. He was on roughly $2000 a month in meds, so he HAD to have coverage.

Luckily for us, no one got really sick that year. The few times we had to go see our family doctor, they cut us a deal on the office visits. For the last 2 years I have been very careful that there are no problems with the insurance.

Anonymous said...

I pay 700 a mo for private ins, doesnt cover my birth control either, or childbirth, go figure, HATE IT!!!!!!